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Why is that? Journeymom, it's possible that we knew we would be out of luck at home if we were as careless with our coats and things as kids are today.

I did not get a new coat every year. Did you? If I lost a good coat, I would have been told to either find it or do without until the next year As to why yard duty aides do not return missing garments to kids Also, at many schools the teachers do yard duty. Most days, items are left on the playground after EACH break including backpacks, believe it or not. I am expected to report directly to my classroom after yard duty, so I am not sure when I would have time to go back out and pick up the things left on our playground which covers several acres, btw , let alone go around the school and hand it back.

Even if it were labeled, I wouldn't know where the kids were. I don't even know who all of them are! Our graders change classes all day long. I have kids who leave their junk in my room on a daily basis, and some never bother to reclaim it. My room isn't big enough to keep everyone's junk until they get around to missing it. What about vehicle? How could vehicle ever be pronounced as one syllable??? I can't wait!! LOL There ya go, Soli! LOL Nwahluns is much better, not Nawlins as most people think! Thank you! I was trying so hard to make that sound!

LOL But I couldn't figure out how to type it! LOL Some people still do that here, most just prefer English now-a-days And Lafayette is prounouced correctly when in French class, the city seems to be the exception to the rule! LOL We cajunized it! Okay, I should really get to bed, its 2 am now Remember the clap test to count syllables?

When you say ve-hick-el.. When I say vehicle, I get one clap.

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I would count that as 1 syllable. I guess if I slow it down to ve-uh-kel, I would get three but I don't say it with three distinct syllables, it is just one. I know that Danish is much 'worse' for leaving letters out of words though. Maybe it's the Scandinavian influence over the centuries? You're right on the pronounciation of Chiswick, although I would pronounce Worcestershire 'Wus-ter-sher'. I can't really tell you about pronounciation in the rest of England, just my own accent.

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Snuffles - have you seen them exploding the unexploded bomb in TV? It was disappointing to say the least. What was the point in closing the motorway? Snow all gone.

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Non-locals pronounce it like President Reagan but the locals pronounce it Riggin. Alot of people around here think it is Mount Eagle, I guess because it is atop the Cumberland Plateau. Houston is How-stun not You-stun. Lewes is Lew-is not Lews. Hockessin is HO-Kes-in not Hock-es-in. Anyone care to guess how that's pronounced? They went with "hope you like it" That's it.

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Not a "breakfast burrito" in sight. I feel I was horribly lax yesterday, procrastinator or no. Let me be the first, then, to wish my dear sister, Marie E. I'm sure she'll figure out a way to get back at me in the next three weeks when my b-day rolls around. Happy Birthday, Marie E! Hope you had a great day! That's good to hear, Soli -- at least I fit in somewhere, fashion-wise!

Somehow I think that sounds about right for me! So being cold-natured and as Soli mentioned interested in staying warm, my "office uniform" pretty much was jeans, turtleneck, and sweater or a nice sweatshirt. Boring, maybe. Warm, yes. And if it was a really cold day, I dug out the flannel-lined LLBean jeans -- bulky-looking or not. Mike, I would've pronounced that "Hop-you-lick-it" but "Hope-you-like-it" sounds much better! Azi, thanks for confirming the "Worcestershire" pronunciation for me! I never could understand that, but I had been told that your way was the correct way, so that's how I say it!

Happy Birthday Marie!! It's not that far from where I grew up. There's a town in NC called Mebane, and it's pronounced Mebbin. People who aren't from around here call it Me-bane. I like to say it in a pirate voice and say, "It's me bane of me existence. We had a discussion when I was visiting family over Christmas about people who pronounce Houston "You-ston.

It's "Muh-hay-uh. They lost, to a team that is ranked fourth in the country. Oh well. The other team's quarterback had been sacked twice all season and our team sacked him twice in the first half. It was fun to watch, though, especially the signs and ribbons and things all over town supporting the team. Our team's uniforms were used as the model for the Panthers in "Friday Night Lights" on NBC and part of the show was filmed at our high school.

And one of the schools that our team beat to advance in the playoffs was Dallas Carter, which was the team that defeated the Permian Panthers during the season that the "Friday Night Lights" book was based on. Draco has decided that I need to sign up for Nutrisystem. I told him he was being rude. Denise, I'm still stumped on how you are getting one syllable out of vehicle. Even if I say it fast: vee-kle, I still get two! Happy birthday, Marie! Only two more days and then back to work!

Boy, time flies. Veicl Merriam-Webster at www. On their website you may click the image to hear the pronunciation. Or stay here and enjoy teasing out what other members mean by their "phonetic" spellings. I vote to continue here! Pennsylvania Pen-sil-vane-ya four syllables!

Anyone care to guess on "Kasawago"? I went and listened, and it seems to me that the first pronunciation had two syllables and the second had three. Sirius when I told him I was going to see Lewes a cute little town pronounced Lew-is which just happened to be the name of a very good looking neighbor!

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That is close as I can come to a phoentic spelling of how I say vehicle. I don't put any pause in there at all Sounds like the first one on M-W Clap, I dare ya! It is one! The only way I can get two is to say veea-cull but I don't say it that way.