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Leave comments about your experiences with this literary agent, or read what other authors have to say. Boilerplate, I think. Adult Fantasy, k. A same-day rejection! I think that's a new personal record. YA Contemporary Fantasy 96k.

Much more than documents.

Graphic Memoir. Thought I'd have to wait the whole weekend, but I appreciate the quick turn around even if it was a rejection for me. I have reviewed your query and, at this time, I do not believe that I am the right agent to represent your work.

Eastenders--Tiffany tells Bernadette that she is staying in Walford//27th April 2018

Please know that we are extremely selective, even with the materials we review. I do appreciate you thinking of us as an agency, however, and I encourage you to continue your search for an agent who is just the right fit for you. I wish you every success in your publishing endeavors.

Bernadette Baker

All my best, Bernadette Baker-Baughman. I guess I want things that experiment more with the format as new literature and that quite frankly keep me interested as a woman reader. When I talk about an idie style of art, I am talking about an organic feel that generally results from having only a single artist or a couple of artists illustrating a book. I enjoy comic art that has the clear identity of the creator behind it. What are three invaluable tips you can give them as they start out?

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BB : Usually, when asked this question, I tell people to begin reading comics voraciously. Then, read more comics. Read books that are similar to the ones you want to write and study them.

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What is working and what is not? Figure out which art styles appeal to you most; even if you never ever have to work directly with an artist unlikely , you will be giving the artists direction in your script.

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You must develop your understanding of sequential storytelling. Some of the Slave Labor books have sample scripts in the back of the book. Take a look at what the scripts look like. I also think comic book conventions are a great way to network with other creators, fans, and publishers, and there are a lot of hidden opportunities there. Comic book conventions take place nationwide, so try and find the one closest to your region to start. GLA : What upcoming conferences will you be at where writers can pitch you?

Our hope is to make it to the shows abroad in the near future. The comics that most interest Bernadette Baker right now are historical stories, biographies, fables, mythology, memoir, and urban fantasy.

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And more, more, more books with females as the main character. See her agency website here. Submission information is available online. Want to build your visibility and sell more books? Order the book from WD at a discount. You must be logged in to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Bernadette joined Birketts in She is a Partner in our Dispute Resolution Team and undertakes a range of contentious work in addition to her specialist area of contentious trust and probate. Bernadette qualified as a Solicitor in September Bernadette provides initial advice and assessment without charge, particularly in the area of potential Inheritance Act claims and can offer a range of funding options.

Bernadette is based in our Norwich office.