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Esther’s role in the Bible

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Esther: Queen of Persia and Advocate for Her People

Home Esther the Queen. Esther the Queen Adapted by Orlin Corey. Script use:. Synopsis Details.

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Synopsis This adaptation of the epic story of the orphaned Jewish girl who became the wife of the mighty Persian King Ahasuerus Xerxes , faithfully sustains the narrative flow of the masterful text from the King James English translation. The story portrays a crisis of the Israelites, already scattered by defeat by the Persians, again facing the threat of annihilation.

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Esther, a secret Jewess, confronts the necessity to act to save her people. She does so courageously, with the guidance of her wise uncle Mordecai, utilizing her dazzling beauty and influence on the king to outwit their adversaries who are plotting the death of all the Jewish people within the provinces of the sprawling, fifth-century B.

Persian empire.

In due course, the pogrom against the Jews is foiled and diverted back on to the enemies. The joyful Feast of Purim, celebrates this deliverance. Production is visualized on an open platform, whether in temple, cathedral or theatre, with nearly degrees of accessible openness for staging the interweaving of scenes with sweeping props and costumes in processional.

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Esther, queen of Persia, as presented by Jean Racine in his play Stock Photo: - Alamy

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Although God's name is not mentioned in this book of the bible, we see His providence and watch His mighty hand continuously manifested in all the circumstantial details of the story. Esther, by her beauty, supplants Vashti as queen; Mordecai by his skill, supplants Haman as prime minister.

All of the characters in this epic story, right down to the King - play their predestined parts at just the right time. Witness the worlds first beauty pageant, with an eternal mission! Haman is the incarnation of evil; Mordecai the essence of goodness.

Esther, queen of Persia, as presented by Jean Racine in his play 'Esther' Date:

Ahasuerus King Xerxes though week and pliable, has strong points also. Esther, cousin and ward of Mordecai becomes the heroine of the story by her willingness to risk her life and position at the behest of Mordecai for her own people in their time of dire need. It's rich and powerful history will have you breathlessly waiting for the next word! The plot alone is uniquely designed and showcases some of Indys finest talent to help tell the story! For who knows?

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