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Forest canopies, which provide thick overhead cover, reduce accumulated snow depths, thus increasing mobility and improving foraging effectiveness.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Except during the breeding season, fishers are solitary. Females will defend their home ranges from other females, but will allow male territories to overlap with their own.

The home range size of an adult female varies from three to eight square miles. Similarly, males also defend their home ranges from other males but not from females. Adult male home range size varies from six to 15 square miles.

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While females typically stay within their home range throughout their life, all territorial behaviors breaks down for males while they roam in search of mates. Secure inside a tree cavity den, a litter of kits one to four is born every March. Blind, helpless, and sparsely furred, the young are completely dependent on the female, who cares for them with no assistance from the male. Kits are fully furred within 18 days, and their eyes begin opening at 53 days old. At about four months of age, they are completely weaned, mobile and are taught to kill prey on their own.

At five months, when they are nearly full-grown and are effective hunters, the young begin dispersing from their mother's care.

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Both males and females are capable of reproducing at one year of age. In Vermont, fishers commonly attain the age of ten years. In as little as one week after giving birth, an adult female will periodically leave her dependent, newborn kits in search of a new mate. This breeding behavior usually occurs from late March through April.

A Fisher of Fish

One female will likely find many suitors. After mating, the fertilized egg remains in limbo through a process known as delayed implantation. During this process, all development of the embryo ceases for approximately ten to 11 months.

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After this time, the fertilized egg is implanted into the uterus wall and development of the embryo begins. Post implantation gestation is approximately 30 to 60 days while pre implantation averages about days. Females, therefore, spend the vast majority of their life in some stage of pregnancy. Contrary to its name, the fisher does not typically eat fish. Its feeding behavior is best described as opportunistic; it feeds on whatever is seasonally abundant and readily available.

Primarily carnivorous, it will eat a variety of small to medium sized mammals, including mice, moles, voles, shrews, squirrels, muskrats, woodchucks, snowshoe hares, and occasionally even fawns. The fisher has also been known to consume a variety of birds, reptiles, amphibians, and insects. Apples, cherries, raspberries, beechnuts, and acorns are also significant.

The fisher's appetite for porcupine is unique. There is much speculation as to how a fisher accomplishes this prickly meal, but as evidence suggests porcupines are most certainly a routine part of their diet. A fisher likely crowds the porcupine to the outer limits of a tree's branches, forcing it to fall.

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The dazed and probably injured porcupine is then more susceptible to an attack on the ground. Repetitive attacks to the unquilled face also help. Either way, this is proof of the fisher's amazing agility aloft in the trees or on the ground. The fisher is active both day and night, with heightened activity occurring in the early morning and late evening. It will travel long distances during short periods in search of food.

One radio-collared male, for example, traveled over 60 miles in a three-day period.

Fisher - Stop It

While wandering, a fisher will periodically stop to investigate possible food sources such as porcupine dens. Also, study the history of genres, because that will add depth to what you play. Fish: I want to teach them and empower them to creatively fly fearlessly in their purpose and actualize their fullest potential. I want to prevent them from ever having callused hands, tendinitis, or carpal tunnel.

Sam FISH Fisher

Fish: I looked at as much footage as I could find, from the oldest to the newest, to see what the greats looked like when they played soft dynamics or loud dynamics, and what techniques they were using. I tried to see how they were breathing and what their composure was. He uses Promark sticks, Remo heads, and DW hardware. View More. Will be used according to our Privacy Policy. Click below to get your promotions going for free… no credit card required, no strings attached. Create Your Promotion. Skip to content.

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