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Another theory is that the eye-closing part of a sneeze is simply due to a series of involuntary muscle contractions, Dr.

6 Tricks To Feeling More Awake When You Can Barely Keep Your Eyes Open

Reisacher says. Muscles in your face squeeze as you sneeze, he explains. Hence the wonky facial expressions that are part and parcel of this biological process.

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However, there is technically a nearly negligible chance that you could try this and experience a condition called globe subluxation. This means your eyeballs temporarily and painfully protrude forward far more than they should, basically like an eyeball dislocation. Globe subluxation can be triggered by trauma, eyelid manipulation, or, in theory, something like forcing yourself to keep your eyes open during an extremely powerful sneeze, Dr.

But, as she explains, globe subluxation is an incredibly rare phenomenon due to any cause, never mind people sneezing with their eyes open.

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This indicates that globe subluxation is more of a bone-chilling health condition to know about rather than something you actually need to worry about day-to-day. You can try to fight this reflex if you really want to, Dr. Steele says, and you may be just fine. But, according to the experts, the impulse to close your eyes when you sneeze is strong as hell.

You might think you defied it, but your sneaky body may just force you to blink so fast you miss it.

Sleeping With Your Eyes Open – 6 Easy Steps to Start Practicing Now

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A blog on civic issues, my passion for music, and what I'm currently working on

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