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Brand Storytelling

Trivia About Storytelling: Bra When that happens, a brand understands the importance of investing in the teams and technologies required to build and scale branded storytelling. Yet, many brands do not see why storytelling is a focal point of their entire marketing approach so they are not making these critical investments.

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Singman adds three critical errors with today's approach to storytelling. First, brands are pushing their products and services. They believe that a story about their products and services "features and benefits" is enough for storytelling. However, it's not. Second, they are faking it by telling stories about how much the brand cares about poverty, human rights, a clean environment or other issues without actually making a real difference.

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Third, brands are using too many words and not enough images. He explains, "Today's generation learns through images, music, multimedia. They don't read long pieces. Great stories are curated and beautifully rendered and then shareable. First, understand the four pillars of any story.

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Second, invest the time and resources into creating a content strategy and a brand narrative. From there, everything produced by the brand storytellers has cohesion, focus, and a roadmap. Forer also notes, "Begin thinking like a publisher, not a marketer. Publishers build deep, trust-based relationships with the audience. Engagement will follow.


Danetz says that AccuWeather has honed its storytelling practices by referencing thousands of dramatic life-saving examples pulled from the headlines. Weather impacts everything we do and every decision we make in our personal and business lives.

Yet, it is the one thing we still cannot control. That in itself is hugely compelling. He shares.

Storytelling, Brands And Some Words Of Wisdom

The idea is to use narratives not only for communication but also to infuse projects with meaning and purpose. Narratives, therefore, have multiple applications. Besides their utility in branding and advertising, stories can add lots of value to presentations, reports, internal memos, teamwork, prototype design, audience research, and much else. This is especially true in the digital age, when words must be accompanied by the various resources offered by online applications.

In order to inspire, inform, and persuade, you have to be well acquainted with your audiences. You have to understand what moves and excites them.

But content—especially story-based content—is the foundation on which this engagement is built. Without content, you have no chance of creating a community. Stories that achieve this effect possess the following attributes:. These ideas have materialized in various formats over the course of human history. Since the dawn of time, human beings have demonstrated a need to transform their experiences into stories—using images or other representations that leave a record of their experience—in order to lend meaning to their lives.

Storytellers must come equipped with experiences, reflections, interpretations, visions, curiosity, and an understanding of people. They should also possess thoughtful and profound knowledge of narrative techniques and audiovisual language, always with the aim of making an emotional impact and creating empathy with communities around brands. Do you feel frustrated when people undervalue your advice?

Are you unreceptive to the advice of others? In this video, Kriti Jain and Konstantina Tzini discuss the disparate behavior and results we see when it comes to sharing advice with others.