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High Tides

The occurrence probability of this layer is highest in summer solstice, moderate during equinox and low during winter solstice. Remarkable occurrence peaks appear from June to July in summer and from December to January in winter.

The layer occurrence showed a double peak variation with distinct layer groups, in the morning between UT and the other during evening between UT. The morning layer descent was associated with layer density increase indicating the strengthening of the layer while it decreased during the evening layer descent. His wife Lady Miriam Balfour, a ruthless and heartless modern-day Marie Antoinette who sits on her throne as prestigious gatekeeper to the upper echelons of society's elite Michael, the only son and heir-apparent, a self-indulgent New York Senator with a scandalous past, unseemly present and precarious future Isabella, the oldest daughter with a loony, madcap zeal for the zany christianity that's called "charasmatic" Elizabeth, the strumpet femme' fatale daughter, an enchantress with an insatiable appetite for men, money and haute couture Anne, the mentally disabled daughter hidden away from the rest of society like a sullied reputation And lastly Victoria, the youngest daughter, who spends her time trying to manage both the NYC newspaper where she is editor-in-chief and her nutty family's antics and shenanigans, battling to hold the Balfour name and prestigious reputation together Think the elite families of the world are a better breed than the rest of us Well, think again!

This story will keep you positively reeling and in shock as you are afforded an inside view into one of the most powerful and totally dysfunctional families that ever etched out a page in the history book of American high-society! Read more Read less.

The Occurrence of Sporadic-E Layer over Equatorial Anomaly Crest Region Bhopal - NASA/ADS

Amazon Global Store International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling or instructions. Any warranty descriptions were intended for US purchasers. I don't know the name of the graphics card anymore. It started you out in the desert of an alien planet in front of a temple with huge pillars and you could navigate around the world EXACTLY like you can in Morningstar it was from the first person perspective.

The world had prerendered 3D graphics and I would even go so far as to say that the music was similar.

Tides of Man - Descent Cover

If by any chance you happen to know this tech-demo or what it was, I'd be very interested to know the name or some details on the matter because I cannot find it anywhere! I'm shooting in the dark here, but could it be Deadly Tides? No, it's not Deadly Tide. It controlled and looked exactly like Morningstar except for different prerendered 3D backgrounds. You moved the cursor around and the backgrounds would scoll and you clicked where you wanted to go but I don't remember exactly if it was a puzzle type game or if you could gather items.

As I stated above, the game started with you being in a desert of an alien planet. No shooting, no enemies. The only thing I can say about the computer is that I remember it to be distributed by Vobis AG based in Germany and there was a CD that came with it which might have contained the demo. I guess I will have to find the CD somehow Thanks for your help! EDIT: Found it! It's a game known as Space Bermuda 2 or Virtual Space 2. Not as flashy as I remembered it.

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The original Morningstar was a good game and one of my favourites. Seeing it come out on steam brings a tear of joy. Last edited by Scorch ; 19 Feb, am.