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Everything could change in a heartbeat General Comment I agree with musiclife77 that it sounds like Jason Mraz sings it with from experience. His sigh in the beginning of the acoustic version just really says a lot and the emotion he sings it with does as well. The situation he sings about is extremely frustrating and i guess a lot of the times there is nothing you can do without something changing drastically. Also is Mraz sure that even if he tells the girl she will accept him?

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What if she doesn't feel the same way back and even worse what if she does feel the same way back but doesn't want to ruin something better that she already has going for her and not take that chance or jump to be with this best friend. My situation is of the latter and it hurts even more for some reason. General Comment So to all the people who have said this fits their situation, I feel you.

I'm right there with you. Based on what it means to me, I interpret this song as if the guy persona sung excellently by Mraz has just realized that he is in love with a girl that he knows he's had feelings for for a long time, but could never quite classify them. The boy and the girl have been best friends for a long time, but the boy is still uncertain as to how to express his feelings towards her.

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Although she does have a boyfriend, that doesn't seem to be the boy's main concern. His main concern is how she will accept his confession. He's afraid that she won't accept it in fear of ruining both their friendship and the relationship she already has.

The double life he refers to means to me that the girl has done something terrible that has made just about everyone including the boy's closest friends ostracize her; so the boy acts as if he can't stand her, but in private he is the girl's best friend and is secretly harboring a feeling for her that he thinks is love.

And he can't stand not only not being able to tell her how he feels, but also having to act as if he is indifferent towards her to even his closest friends. This song is absolutely beautiful and Jason does an amazing job infusing it with emotion, especially in the acoustic version. I cry literally every time I hear the one major chord on the last repeat of "it's a feeling inside that keeps building. General Comment i fucking love this song! General Comment I am love this song! I agree with Apollo's comment. The meaning is pretty straight forward.

Boy likes girl. Girl has boyfriend. Boy is holding true feelings toward girl back General Comment This song is pretty much awesome. Acoustic verison is amazing. Rate These Lyrics.

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