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2) Working smart saves energy.

To work smarter not harder requires a clear understanding of the priority pyramid.

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The priority pyramid helps you break your tasks into three categories. These categories include the important stuff, the necessary stuff and the unnecessary stuff. The important stuff includes all the things that you absolutely must get done today. These tasks have the highest long-term payoffs. The necessary stuff includes all the things that you should get done today. These tasks have low long-term but high short-term payoffs. Did you know that I am available and ready to be all yours?

Yes, you can actually own me on your computer, tablet, phone, or as a poster for your wall. Have you ever gotten yourself caught up within the busy bee trap? This is where you work yourself silly for an entire day, but in the end you have little to show for your efforts. You of course thought you were being productive.

It seemed as though you were doing all the right things, but you were really only fooling yourself. Your highest priority activities are what get you results at the end of the day. Staying busy focusing on the wrong things is certainly not a sign of productive output. With that in mind, commit yourself to focusing on what matters. I will be there to remind you of the key steps needed to help you develop optimal habits.

How to Work Smarter Not Harder

To work smarter not harder requires understanding the output of your current work habits. There are possibly certain things you are doing right now that are working quite well for you. What are those things? Where are you getting results? How are you spending your time? Where are you being most productive?

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Also consider how you could potentially improve your approach and work habits to get even better returns on the time spent working through certain tasks. My job is to keep you focused on key ideas that will help improve how you live your life. Forbes magazine reports on research that they carried out on asking the right questions. You should always be on a steep learning curve.

8 Ways to Work Smarter (Not Harder)

Look at your skills profile and determine where you need to fill a gap. Talk to important connections and network in your niche. Keep up to date on trends and developments. It is a fact-changing world. When an opportunity arises, you will be the best equipped to seize it because you have never stopped learning. Just another way of working smarter.

Learn as if you were to live forever. No, your greatest resource is not time. It is YOU. If you do not get enough sleep, exercise and relaxation, you find that you become less and less productive. You begin to work longer and longer hours, which is the exact opposite of what you want.

What you should be doing is making sure you are in the best shape.

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It is useful to remember that you need a break of 15 minutes after every one and a half hours of work. Taking breaks and getting fresh air and exercise is one of the best ways of working smarter, not harder. But the most important thing to remember is to accept when we are ready to switch off that computer and not fill up the time with even more work!

The key to greater productivity is to work smarter, not harder. Working smarter saves precious time and energy for the things that really matter — your life goals, your personal growth, your health and your relationships. Featured photo credit: Unsplash via unsplash.

8 Reasons Why You Need To Work Smarter But Not Harder

Creative coach who teaches high-achievers how to thrive at the intersection of creativity, passion, and profit. Knowledge is essential to become successful in life, your career and your business.

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  • 10 Ways to Work Smarter, Not Harder!
  • Without learning new concepts and becoming proficient in our craft, we cannot excel in our chosen careers or archive knowledge to pass down to the next generation. But content comes in various forms, and because how we learn influences how much we know, we need to talk about learning styles. This article will focus on how to utilize visual learning to boost your career or business. Knowing your learning style enables you to process new information to the best of your ability. As a college student, I soon figured out that taking online courses without visual aids or having an instructor in front of me led to poor retention of concepts.

    Sure, I got good grades and performed excellently in my online exams. There are several types of learning styles known to mankind. The four most popular types of learning styles are: Advertising. But for the purposes of this article, we will be focusing on using visual learning to boost your career or business.

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    • 1. Improve Your Time Management Skills;
    • How I Work Smarter and Not Harder?
    • When it comes to boosting your career, business or education , a visual learner is one who would most definitely choose shapes, images, symbols, or reading over auditory messages. The earlier you identify how your learning style can boost your success, the less struggle you will encounter with processing new information throughout your career. By keeping this list you'll feel more motivated and focused since you can actually see what you accomplished.

      Additionally, according to Buffer co-founder Leo Widrich, done lists allow "you to review your day, gives you a chance to celebrate your accomplishments, and helps you plan more effectively. The team over at Mind Tools state that we're more effective at work when we have a "positive attitude.

      They willingly help a colleague in need, they pick up the slack when someone is off sick, and they make sure that their work is done to the highest standards. And, you'll never hear them say that their work is "Good enough.

      Time Is the Most Limited Resource

      Furthermore, a good attitude at work will help you set standards for your work, ensure that you're taking responsibility for yourself, and make decisions easier since they're based on your intuition. But demonstrating ethical decision-making and integrity could open many doors for you in the future. Regardless if you're freelancer, entrepreneur, or employee, there will be times when you will have to work with others. As such, you should strengthen your communication and collaboration skills.

      When you do, you'll eliminate unnecessary rework and wasted time from straightening out any misunderstandings and miscommunications. You can start by enhancing your active listening skills and staying on one topic when communicating. For example, when composing an email, keep it short and to point.